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Are there any restrictions for foreigners purchasing in Turkey? Only in rural areas and military zones. In our developments there are no restrictions on the land used.

Will the property be freehold? Yes, all properties sold by Gökçam Property Properties are classed as 'Freehold'
Can I take my pets? Yes
Can I take my car to Turkey? Yes, but not recommended as you have to pay. It's very expensive.
Can I rent my property in Turkey? Yes, you can rent private or through Gökçam Property Properties.
Can I open a bank account? Yes. You need to take a tax number from the Turkish tax office. Our aftersales department can help with this matter.
Can I sell my property in Turkey and take my money out of the country? Yes, you can sell your property, rent your property or will your property.
Can I ship my furniture? Yes, you can but it's expensive and you can buy furniture in Turkey, much cheaper.
Do I have to pay annually tax on my property? Yes, the amount is calculated on the value of your property.
Can I get a residents permit? Yes, when you purchase your property, you can apply for a residents permit.
How many properties can I purchase in Turkey? There is no restriction on the amount of property you purchase.
Is the crime rate in Turkey high? No, but like any other country you visit. You must always take care.
When I purchase a property from Gökçam Property Properties, who will help me with after sales service? Gökçam Property Properties provide an aftersales service to all their clients.
Is there a mortgage system available to foreigners to purchase property in Turkey? There is no available mortgage throught a Turksh banks but shortly there will be the mortgage available throught English banks to purchase property abroad.
How can I be sure Gökçam Property Properties is the right company to purchase my home with? Gökçam Property Properties are approved by the A.I.P.P. and has 60 years of history behind it. And has a diverse range of businesses.
Do Gökçam Property Properties offer inspection trips? Yes, 89 pound per person, or 120 euro per person this includes flight and accommodation.
Do Gökçam Property Properties have exhibitions? Gökçam Property Properties exhibits throughout England and Ireland and Holland.
Do I need earthquake insurance? Earthquake insurance is compulsory in Turkey and is very cheap.
Can I get house insurance in Turkey and is it expensive? Yes, you can get house insurance and contents at a very good rate.
Will I have any problems communicating in Turkey? No, as most Turkish people speak English especially in the tourist areas.

Can I purchase a property in my name? Yes, since 2002 the law has changed giving British citizens the right to buy property and have the title deeds in their own name.
Is my property likely to increase in value if Turkey joins the EU? Yes, if and when this takes place we are sure that your property will increase in price.
Do we pay a yearly tax? Yes, a small charge is made by Didim Council for the property tax.
What are the yearly maintenance charges? The annual charges for maintenance vary depending on the size of your property . You will pay between 300-500 sterling pounds yearly.
What do the maintenance charges cover? Pool, gardening, exterior painting, 24 hour security and reception. Individual complexes might have extra services. i.e. courtesy bus, Gym, children’s play areas.
Does Turkey offer a medical service to foreign residents? There is no such service as the NHS however you can pay for private health insurance giving you the right to use the private hospitals. There are English speaking doctors in Altinkum.
How do we pay the water and electricity bills? Electricity and water bills are sent periodically to each individual dwelling. We will help you set up a direct debit with a Turkish bank so your bills are paid automatically.
Is our property taken care of when we return to the U.K. Yes, security is provided 24 hours a day and individual apartment will be checked regularly if you so wish.
How long will it take to transfer the title deeds into the purchasers name? Approx. 3 - 6 months.
What deposit do I require to secure my purchase? 2500 GBP deposit will secure your property purchase.
Do you provide a lawyer and if so what are the fees? Yes we supply a lawyer and translator the fee is £320
What other charges are incurred when purchasing property? The transfer of the title deeds will start at £600 depending on the size of the property .the water and electricity meters will cost £200 for each connection.
If we wish to purchase a second property for investment purposes is this possible? You can purchase as many properties as you wish
Why Gökçam Property? Gökçam Property is a fully licensed agent founded in 1987. We are the longest established builders & developers in the resort of Altinkum and we offer an unconditional service to our customers before and after their purchase. We care for your every need.

Can you -Gökçam Property- rent our property out for us and, if so, what commission fee do you charge for this service? Gökçam Property can handle the renting out of your apartment. We provide a professional service for you and charge 25% commission. This charge covers handling the reservation and providing a cleaning and laundry service once a week.
What other services can you provide the guests whilst they are on holiday? Gökçam Property is a fully bonded travel agent and can provide a range of services which will give holiday makers the chance to explore the beauty surrounding them. Services include: car hire, daily tours, daily boat trips, money exchange, private tours and jeep safaries. We will provide each apartment with a brochure with all the relevant information.

Can we apply for permanent residency once we purchase property? No. When you arrive in Turkey your passport will be stamped with a 3 month visa. You must apply for a residential visa before your 3 month visa expires.
Are the flights expensive to and from the U.K. and which airports should I use? There are frequent flights departing from the U.K. to Turkey all summer. The prices vary depending on when you choose to travel. Prices can start from as little as 89 pounds to 289 pounds return. In the winter months you can travel schedule air with the Turkish Airlines and again depending on when you travel the prices vary.

Bodrum Airport is approximately 1hour 15 mins from Altinkum with frequent flights from the UK. In the winter time fly to Izmir Airport, via Istanbul, Izmir Airport is approximately 2 hours from Altinkum. In the summertime you can fly direct from Heathrow to Izmir at very competitive prices.
Are the British people who are resident in Turkey finding life cheaper than the U.K.? Yes, generally speaking, you will find the monthly bills are a lot less if you compare them to the U.K. The local markets supply fresh fruit and vegetables at unbelievable prices.
Are the winter months cold? The climate does drop considerably in November until March. However it is not nearly as cold and miserable as the long winter you have in the U.K.
Can we open a bank account in Turkey? Yes. All you require to open a bank account is your passport and a tax number; this can be easily obtained from the local tax office.

How easy is it to shop for furniture, and is it reasonably priced? In the local village of 'Didim' you can purchase everything to furnish your home. You will find the prices very reasonable in comparison to the U.K. Check out the following web sites to give you an idea: www.konfor.com.tr, www.bellona.com.tr, www.istikbal.com.tr, www.bosch.com, www.beko.com.tr
Can you provide a translator to help us if we find the language barrier a problem? Yes, we will provide you with a member of our team who speaks excellent English. We will help you whenever you require assistance.
How long can we expect to wait for the delivery of our furniture? If it is in stock, delivery will be the same day, if not you may wait a few days. Shopping in Turkey is a delight...

Who inherits our property if one of us dies? According to Turkish law, the property automatically goes to the next of kin and children, unless amendments are made to the title deeds; legal assistance would be required to make the necessary changes.
Are the local Turkish people happy to have foreign citizens resident in their country? Yes. Turkish people are very warm and welcoming to visitors from other countries but It is also very important that the visitors accept the Turkish culture and tradition.
Are all properties given a final check by a surveyor? We provide a report to guarantee the final check on properties.
Is tap water drinkable? We recommend that you drink bottled water which is available everywhere and is very cheap to buy.
Can we install satellite tv? Yes, many of the channels are in English. There is no television license to pay but you have to by a satellite box. We can help you with this.
What voltage is the electricity? 220 volts
Is the water bill expensive? Most of our sites have well water so you only pay for the discharged water and sewage.
Is public transport expensive? No, the local dolmus (minibuses) charge 1 lira (40p) anywhere in Alktinkum. We also provide a free courtesy bus for most of our complexes.
If my friends and relaives come over to my property without me how will they get from the airport? We will collect them and deliver them to the doorstep if you give us the details. The charge for this service can be found on our Customer Services page.
Insurance and Utilities

Electricity is supplied by the state run Turk Elektrik Koruma, and you can pay bills monthly by direct debit or at a local bank branch. In large cities, mains gas is available, while elsewhere people use gas canisters for cooking and hearting water. These canisters are delivered free in most towns, or are available from shops, or petrol stations in rural areas.

There are mains water supplies in most cities, towns and villages and water tankers will deliver to houses that aren’t on the main supply. Although mains water is chlorinated, most people tend to drink bottled water.

Apartment blocks generally have communal heating systems, with each unit contributing towards the fuel costs, as well as the upkeep of the building and gardens. These charges are agreed annually and are normally paid on a monthly basis.

Turkey has modern telephone network with digital exchanges in most areas. Requests for new lines are normally processed quickly (about 2-3 days). The country also has a well developed mobile telephone network with several rival operators.

Cable television is readily available is most areas from the Telephone Department district office. English language channels include BBC World, Prime, MSNBC, CNN, Eurosport etc…

Working Hours

Government Offices: 8:30am – 12:00am; 1:30pm – 5:30pm (closed on Saturday & Sunday, open daily)
Banks: 8:30am – 12:00am; 1:30pm – 5:00pm (closed Saturday & Sundays)
Shops: 9:30am – 7:00pm ( in tourists areas, closing times vary, some close around midnight)
Summer Hours: In the Aegean and the Mediterranean regions of Turkey, government offices and many other establishments are closed in the afternoon during summer months. These summer hours are fixed each year by the provincial governors.)

Official Holidays

New Years Day – January 1
Sacrifice Festival
National Sovereignty and Childrens' Day – April 23
Ataturk Commemoration & Youths and Sports Festival – May 19
Victory Day – August 30
Feast of Ramazan