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Can my UK pension be paid to me while I am in another country?

You are entitled to take your UK State Pension anywhere in the world, but you will only get annual increases if you live in any other EEA country, a country with which the UK has a social security agreement that allows increases, the Isle of Man or Sark.

The UK does have a social security agreement with Turkey, so if you claim or will be claiming a UK state pension of you decide to live in Turkey you are entitled for this to be paid into the bank of your choice in Turkey. Detailed of your claim will be passed to the Turkish authorities to pay such a claim.

If you have lived part of your life in different countries, including Turkey and then move back to the UK your UK state pension will remain as long as you have made the necessary insurance contributions. You would only be required to make at least the minimum amount of insurance contributions required in each country to qualify.

Each EEA country adds together your insurance contributions from all EEA countries. Then each country sees how much state pension (if any) you would get if your insurance contributions had all been paid into that country's own social security scheme.

Each country pays you part of your pension. How much that country pays you depends on how much you have paid into its scheme. You can be paid a UK State Pension anywhere in the world, and you will get an annual increase by living in Turkey.

By deciding to retire in Turkey payment of your state pension can be paid directly to any bank account of your choice.

Can I get extra for my dependants?

You will also receive, if you are receiving a state pension from the UK, you may also be paid extra for certain adults who depend on you.

You may get this extra payment even if the person who depends on you is in the UK. The extra pension will be worked out in the same way as the rest of your State Pension.

For further information and advice you should contact the UK ‘Department for work and pensions’

For further information a social security agreement is if you are going to another country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or a country which has a social security agreement with the United Kingdom (UK), you might be able to get a benefit which you would not normally get abroad. Or you might be able to get a benefit which that country provides.